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32,000 Dominoes - New Personal Record



Published on 5 Apr 2018

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After months of hard work, I've finally finished my greatest project ever. This time, my main focus was creating a project with as many original and aesthetically pleasing designs as I could imagine. I spent countless hours mapping out each part of the project in order to utilize different colors and shapes to create a set up that would have diverse elements, but also feel unified as a whole.

When I began this project in December, my goal was to continue the aspects I enjoyed from the "Domino Chaos" series, but make changes that would improve the overall theme. As you can see, the color choices and falldown path are a bit less chaotic than usual, which I altered to make the setup feel less jumbled and confusing.

I am incredibly satisfied with the turnout of the project, as it is certainly the best work I have ever done, and I couldn't have asked for a better falldown.

About the new username, I was just tired of having such a long and complicated name that had nothing to do with my channel. It was a little embarrassing when people would ask what they should search up to find my domino videos. I decided to go with "MarDominoes" as a way to maintain some of my original name, while also relating it to what this channel is all about. I promise nothing else will be changing with the new name. With that said, you can think of this project as a tribute to SuperMarMarMan1, which has held so much significance to me for the last seven years.

I would also like to give a shout out to bpdoles, who helped me to get motivated during the early parts of the project through facetime chats. Subscribe to his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/use...

Song: JJD - Ethereal

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